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I remember a time when I was thinking to myself, Sauna? naked?  Miksi? Well, yes Finnish people have Saunas and they go in naked and there are many reasons why they do that.

Sauna is a Finnish word referring to the traditional Finnish bath. While living in Turku, Finland I have come to get the answer to the many questions about Sauna.

After having experienced it myself going into the sauna so tired and tense, only to emerge later fully refreshed and looking forward to life, not forgetting the warmth of course.

You cannot be in Finland and not visit a Sauna, everyone keeps reminding me about that and my reply was it so weird that I am in place without clothes, and to make it worse amongst strangers. That uncertainty kept buzzing in my mind until a few weeks before I am to return to my country of birth, Namibia.

Hilariously, I jumped out the very first minute my friend did the ritual of throwing water over heated coal. I was out of breath and afraid. I thought I am going to have an asthma attack.

 I vividly recount those moments and now I just laugh it off as I started to regularly visit the Sauna and each time I gain more confidence.


However, one never stops learning and should always strive to do something you never done before. For me Sauna what that new thing and I encourage those that never been there to try it.

Being an African of course is even harder as we are not allowed to be half naked or even better naked at all. I braved that and realized that even the mindset or principles your parents taught you for decades, especially the good ones, can be altered.

Until my next blog………Nauti aika Sauna!

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